Why do so many teenagers attempt suicide these days?

I mean people in Africa have REAL problems and they are not attempting suicide. While people in North America have everything they want except for one or two things and they end up attempting suicide.

News flash - you do not live for yourself - you life to fulfill your responsibility to society - stop being selfish and behaving like you have a right to kill yourself everytime things get a little bad.


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  • Because it makes them look like they have a personality.
    Also, "________ these days"


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  • i attempted suicide 3 times growing up…have u ever attempted it and how ol were u?

    • I'm so sorry that you had to go through that :( . I really hope you're having a much better time now <3

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  • People who kill themselves are probably struggling with mental illness.

    Your question shows a fundamental lack of understanding of that. Illnesses like depression don't care how old you are or what your life is like. They just screw up your brain's neurotransmitters and make you feel like complete shit.

    If it makes you happy to hear the country with the highest suicide rate is in fact Guyana, which is in Africa

    You should try showing some compassion

    • Guyana is in South America by the way. But I agree with what you said.

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    • not every one of those people struggle with illness…what makes u think that?

    • Not every one, but a lot

      Because something has to be hurting them so much that they feel like they have no other option than to kill themselves to end their pain.