Do you ever wish you weren't born?

now this isn't some sad pay attention to me type deal, but with the past couple years I feel a lot like it wasn't worth my parents time, highschool was crap for me, my father died of lung cancer right after I graduated, and then I lost my scalp hair to a condtion and have to razor it bald now, and I'm just turned 20., true just hair, but how is a bald guy supposed to get a decent looking girl this young? hell I never even had a girlfriend since I came up in such a small town all the decent looking girls always had someone, and I admit I got high standards say 7-9 range is what I aim for, call me shallow I'm human and only need one and I'd give her everything so I'm not ashamed to say I wouldn't lower those standards under any circumstance, still... being bald this young pretty much spells me being alone and missing out on young love, being alone its all I know, I'm an only child, moms a wreck since dad passed and I'm looking at a lonely future where many expect me to settle and date a girl that I have no attraction for or just accept being alone and that I can't get what others do, I'm not suicidal don't think that, I would do something honorable with my life like join the Rangers as other family has before I'd do something dumb like that, however I really wish I could go back and just stop the folks from having a kid, its just not worth it. and I feel like others feel the same way at times, I don't mean it against my parents but I wish they would have thought agaisnt it


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  • "The two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you find out why." -Mark Twain. No, I don't wish that I was never born. I've dealt with some difficult things in my life, but I found one of my purposes. You just need to find yours. I am truly sorry for your loss, but your father would not want you to be like this. You have to find the strength and focus on the things you can control. Your bald, there's not much you can do. There are plenty of bald men who can attract women, i. e. Jason Statham. You can focus on getting a good education, job, and focus on being healthy.

    • Attract women if an older age or less physically attractive ones and you don't know my father or the family, we ware military to the point that we don't believe life is always worth living and truly believe that being a waste of space is possible.