Be honest or fake it 'till you make it?

This year has been the worst for me. I'm broke. My startup has failed, i lost a lot of $, I owe a lot of credit money, dropped out from school, jobless at the moment, sold my car, moved back with my parents and lost a tooth while playing hockey (ill get implant once i have $) lol. My confidence has been crashed a bit. However, I DON'T feel sorry for myself. I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me. I have a plan that will get me back in the game in 3-4 months time. Im currently applying for jobs. Still talking and meeting new girls but dont really go on dates since im broke :)

I want to get back in dating but being honest with people is a bit embarassing. How do I tell girls and others about my situation?

Be honest or fake it 'till I make it?


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  • Tell them some bad events happened in your life and you were forced to start over and if they ask say - its too embarrassing to talk about.

    • Lets imagine this scenario. Your potential date, a guy you recently met, boyfriend or a friend told you about his misfortunes while still being optimistic about life. Would you see it as a strength or weakness? Why?

    • I would be neutral about it. I might wonder if he had the ability to take care of himself but if he can prove himself in other ways those doubts would be resolved.

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  • People will say "be honest" but from my experience being entirely honest with women has only gotten me into trouble. So my answer would be be somewhat but not entirely honest.

    • I've been faking it lately. When friends ask me why dont you come out anymore or girls ask when are we gonna hang out I say I'm busy with school, work, business or have been out of town for a bit. Being honest is a good idea but don't wanna be seen as weak tho..

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    • I understand your situation and admire that you don't give up and you're determined to get back on your feet but some people won't get it. I think that just like @timmy111 said you should keep it vague until you're certain you've met the right girl that will understand you completely.

    • Cheers buds! Hope you both are killing it!