Any advice for public speaking?

I was thinking in drinking before my speech on public.


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  • I don't have any advice except do not do that. That is a god awful idea. Don't look at the audience, instead look right above them at a wall or something.


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  • For the speech itself, practice before hand is the best solution and know your speech by heart without memorizing. When you know it by heart, you could easily ad lib when you get lost but you can prepare an index card as your guide.

    For the internal struggle, you have to fight it and believe in yourself. Keep in mind that your audience have no idea what you are talking about so if you have mixed your order of topics, or you forgot something, they wouldn't know that you should have said that (not that they are ignorant). It also helps to take slow deep breaths. Also, don't think that you would commit mistakes, coz it will more likely happen if you think about it.

    To make you feel better, even the veteran speakers feel nervous before speech, they just overcome their fears :)


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  • Practise in front of a mirror.


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