Depressed sunday?

most of the sundays I've experienced here in life I've just felt depressed and over all really low. Its not cause of if i have work or not the day after, its just like i feel like this and i dont really know the reason why. I thought it had to do a lot with my depression before but I've noticed that its not that, but that there is more then me that feels this way when its Sunday. Anyone else?


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  • is probably because you dont have much activities on sundays? I would recommend you to find something to do, going for walks helps a lot, I do that on sundays and I find it really good. Or try to find hobbies

    • Thats a really good point and an idda. Thanks!!

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    • No worry. The thing thought is that i suffer from a slight anexity and antisociality and i dont like throwing myself into the unknown. Like meeting new people in new situations frigthens me. But id still like to go out and enjoy things. How and where do i start. Just going on a walk is exhausting for me and i have to force myself outdoors.

    • I think that if you dont throw yourself out there, you will never be able to explore yourself. If you dont like socialising that much, you can walk and if you get tired easily try to do it for a short amount of time then, but you need to go out. Life is short and you are young
      building resistance can be one of your goals, start doing something and put yourself a goal, the walking thing is an example :P You can start to walk for half an hour and then increase the time. Something I like to do is go and sit in a place where I can listen to birds and stuff like that is very relaxing hehehe. Say something like by the end of the month I should be able to walk for two hours or something like that, so that you fight for something, that gives you motivation. Having goals is something that keeps you on track :) if you need to force yourself outdoors, then do it! give it a try hehe. If you dont like it then you can try something different :)

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  • Sundays are the worst when you have no one to spend them with :(

  • I'm only depressed, because I have a job that's dead end in a dead end economy and I can't socialize very well. Unless I socialize with other people on my shift (yes, I work night shift). But that's easier said than done.


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  • Usually it's past associations that are blocked from memory. Meditation might pry these loose so you can flush or counter them but it's faster to have a pro place you in a group that shares this problem, so discussions can ferret out the past faster.

    The people I know that suffer Sunday blues counter them with activities, certainly church eats up a lot of time in preparation, attendance & soon after making friends there.. post-services eating out. Some will play golf/etc., others will return to evening services OR this is table games night at a friend's house.

    Sometimes there's a special on TV not to be missed, so that can be a "party" with either takeout dinner or pizza delivery.

    I guess the #1 things that did it for me was working my ass off to get my dream job that makes Monday SUNNY and desirable, then to marry someone that loves to be home, making Sunday home life THE place to be.

    by the way - Sunday blues always paled in the dark light of Labor Day weekend and Jerry Lewis telethon didn't help on e bit with all that. UGH says it all for that weekend.

    WHAT city are you in? Is it just DEAD there Sundays?