The quote below perfectly describes why it's so hard to let some people go... Tell me if you feel the same about somebody so I won't feel alone?

''The sorry thing about loss is not the pain that beats me, but the fear the pain will pass, that sooner or later I will pull myself together and move on. That's the killing blow. To know that someday down the line, no matter how hard I fight it, I will forget how it felt to love you.''

I'm IN LOVE with this quote, because I'm still hung up on my ex and a lot of my friends don't get me... But this is like the definition of why I just can't forget about him.. It's... torture.
Are you having a hard time forgetting someone the way I am? :)


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  • I can't really agree with this quote. I still remember what it felt like to love all the people I've lost so far... whether it was due to a breakup or due to death. Even though I don't think about them so often anymore, I can still remember all the happy days we had together, the things we did, how it felt etc.. For example my first real girlfriend broke up with me when I was 16. We had been together for a year and when it was over, I couldn't get over it for at least 2 years. It was one of the hardest times I've ever had in my life. Now, 11 years later, I'm obviously completely fine again and not sad about this breakup anymore. In fact, I have even realized that we probably didn't fit together so well and that it was a good thing to split up after all. However, even though I have a new girlfriend now, I don't talk to my ex-girlfriend anymore and I'm at a completely different point in life, I still sometimes think back to those days with a tad of nostalgia and suddenly, all the memories of how it felt to love her come back. Pretty much the same is also true for my grandma who I loved dearly and who also left me when I was 16. I don't cry over her anymore and though I miss her from time to time, I'm not too sad about her death anymore. She doesn't appear in my every-day thoughts anymore. But still, when I talk about her to my girlfriend or a friend, I still remember her sweetness and kindness and how I loved her.

    For me, the hardest part about losing somebody is quite simply the fact that this person isn't there for you anymore. For example you might have always gone to a specific place with that person or you might have done something specific with that person and when he/she is suddenly not there anymore and you have to go to this place on your own or do this thing on your own, you realize time and again how much you miss him/her and that can be extremely painful.


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  • I don't feel like that right now, but i have before. It will be especially hard if you spent a lot of time with that person and loved them. So you feel you won't meet someone who will be able to match them, or surpass them.


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