How many of you would consider yourself "emo"?

How many of you would consider yourself "emo" and why?


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  • I don't consider myself an emo, but as a meta head I called an emo a lot. It bugs me as much as someone else's opinion of me can bug me, which isn't a lot.

    It usually comes from ignorance anyway.. They don't know the different cultures and just band them together, from a lack of knowledge more than anything else. But who cares? It's not really important...

    • What's so bad about being called an emo? I'd take it as a compliment as recognision of my sick taste in music.

    • Because I am not an emo... I hate emo music.

      Like I said it's not "that bad," at the end of the day I don't care what people think of me. It's more upsetting that I can't connect with people over music, and on top of that, people dont even know what I mean when I said I like death as black metal... All they hear is "emo music" lol, so that is annoying.

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  • I'm not "Emo". I feel "Emo" is a music culture thing. I don't listen to "Emo" music. I am attractive to "Emo" girls.


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  • Nope not me
    Not the clothing style, and am not really 'dark'