Elisa Lam video?

have u ever heard about the girl from Canada named Elisa Lam who was found dead in a water tank of The cecil hotel in LA? have u seen the video footage from the elevator she was last seen?
what do u think? weird enough?


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  • Yeah I reasearched it awhile ago. I think someone was involved with her death.

  • Yep I remember that

    • i just saw that elevator video two days ago, pretty creepy, firstly i though she was drunk or nuts, then I realized she might be followed by someone, then gestures, and reions in the elevator were prettty scary, also the fact she was fnd in a water tank with a lid... no way its a suicide even though she was depressive and took medicine... also, the elevaor video is edited, t some seconds might be misssing... no idea why hotel staff did that... still i think polce knows more...