Do you get hurt at work?

Or do you have a pretty safe job? I'm not talking just major injuries, either. Minor injuries count as well, like bruising and cuts and scrapes.

I was carrying 80lbs of litter to the front for a customer yesterday and I didn't have a good grip. The litter started to slip a little so I had to awkwardly hoist it up onto the counter (which sits at like near boob height for me), and I slammed / dragged my knee on the corner of the counter effectively giving myself some sort of fabric burn while bruising it.

walking is unpleasant.


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  • During the school year, I'm just a college student, so the worst injuries I get are usually sore muscles from running late to class 😅

    However, during the summer and off and on during school before college I did LOTS of yard work (my parents believe in doing things yourself when possible. Each neighbor got lawn men, while my parents would say jokingly "But you are free!" -_-). I did things like trimming bushes, rototilling dirt, cutting down trees, sawing down palm tree seed pods on a semi-rickety ladder on possibly loose rock (not the smartest moment I've had), amongst the usual things like weeding/planting seeds for a small garden/picking bean plants and stuff like that. It taught me little life lessons lol.

    From there over the years I've...
    --Gotten stung by various bugs. Wasp, ants galore. No spiders or snakes yet though :D
    --Cut by various sharp objects (I usually am careful enough to not get cut though).
    --Inhaled probably a bit of shock chemicals when I was doing pool maintenance. Maybe some chlorine tablet stuff too. That stuff is awful :(
    --Gotten blisters, especially from cutting turf with turf cutter. Yuck.
    --Probably have gotten dehydrated in the Texas heat a couple times.
    --I've gotten close to pulling muscles from lifting wheelbarrows of stuff before but I don't think I've ever pulled one.

    Honorable mention: Stepping in dog turds barefoot. It doesn't hurt me physically, but it hurts my pride.

    Yeahhh... I know it isn't a "job" officially, but it is the best I got. 😅


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  • Well... Erm.. I dont have a job😐

    • You're welcome for the xper for answering a question that doesn't even relate to you, then.

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  • 80 lbs!! Geez, look at you muscles Jackson.

    I've got a repititive strain injury in my wrist, I've gotten cuts on my arms, I once got a papercut from a cardboard box. I think that's probably it.

  • My job is pretty easy to be honest and lift with your legs tea and keep your back straight.

    • I know how to lift lol its just a matter of my grip being off.

    • Lol finger curls do wonders.

  • The worst injury I had was a papercut :p


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  • I seldom get hurt. I sometimes watch my students get hurt instead.