Can anyone help me with this physics question?

I have a unit test on Tuesday. The question I have is not complex, but, I do not quite understand it, at least the formula. Here it is:
Ray of Light travelling through a liquid = 1.6x10^8 (160'000'000)
Wavelength of the Ray = 440 nm
What is the index of refraction?
I know this is a site for "other" questions, but if you know the answer, or the formula, could you help me? Thanks, much appreciated.


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  • I dont think you even need the wavelength of the light to solve the question. The index of refraction is given by:-
    I= Vel in vaccume (C)/ Vel. in medium (v)

    so in this case divide c= 3*10^8 by your given vel. in the media = 1.6*10^8 in which case you'll get a value of n=1.875

    • Oh, I understand, thank you very much. It gives the wavelength for part B; in which it asks to obtain the wavelength of the light ray in a vacuum.

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