Which is better, Beats by dre or Skullcandy headphones?

I heard that beats by dre was pretty good.

  • Beats by dre is better
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  • Skullcandy is better
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  • Neither, Skullcandy and Beats are just living off their marketing. If you want a real brand, a brand that is actually quality and is focused on making quality headphones and not just getting numbers of headphones onto the shop shelf you need to by Shennheiser headphones now they really are quality. Music how it is meant to be heard.

    • If you want overpowering bass then for sure buy Skullcandy or Beats but if you want to be able to hear music clearly with bass, mid range sounds and treble sounds then buy Shennheiser headphones. This makes Shennheiser headphones sound more clear, clean and crisp than Skullcandy or Beats.

    • I heard that sennheiser headphones are actually pretty good, maybe i'll try them, thank you!👌🏻

    • Yes they are very good. If you have the money spend a decent amount of money and get some good ones. I bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones about 7 years ago now and they still work just as well as the day I bought them. The thing with Sennheiser headphones is you buy them and they pay off because you have really really good sound and they last and last and last. I also have a pair of Sennheiser ear buds and the sound quality from them is so good to, I put them in and out of my pocket all the time and the cables have not broken or given any trouble either.

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  • I like skullcandy, they are good sound quality and inexpensive, I haven't tried the Beats headphone, I just couldn't put lot of money towards them and if they were terrible be pissed off at myself


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  • if your definiton of "better" is :which one is more stylish and/or is more agressively marketed, i´d say beats.

    if "better" means sound and built quality, i´d go for audio-technica headphones. because the other two, you pay the marketing and brand name.
    if you have to go with one of them, i´d personally go for skullcandy, because beats is the cheapest of cheap crap out there.

  • Fuck both of those.

    How much money do you have, and do you want in-ear headphones/earbuds or over/on-the-ear headphones?

    If you want IEMs (in-ear headphones), and you have ~$70, get Ostry KC06A's. Just don't treat them to roughly.

  • beats by dre are overrated. they are cheaply produced and sound pretty shitty, unless you want to hear nothing but bass. skullcandy are cheaper so they win this poll by default. there is no shortage of quality headphones out there, it just depends on your budget.


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