If anyone is into computers, is a MacBook 13 inch with Retina display worth it's price?

What do you think about it. Can I better laptop in this price range.


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  • In my opinion yes they are worth every dollar you pay for them. Why? Because they are made of better materials. Macs are made of aluminium and not plastic and do not fall to bits like many plastic computers do, Macs also run very cool as they use the aluminium body to cool themselves as well as the fan which means you hardly ever hear the fan running on a Mac and you don't have a hot computer hitting on your knee. This also means they don't wear shinny like a plastic computer does and look crappy. The mouse pad on a Mac is made of glass which means it also does not wear shiny and look crappy like a plastic mouse pad on a PC either, the screen is made of glass which means it does not damage as easy as a PC's screen which is made of plastic.

    Then there is the fact Mac computer are extremely unlikely to catch a virus or get bugs.

    The OSX operating system just runs much better than windows. My mac boots up really fast and shuts down pretty much instantly. You will be amazed at how fast a Mac boots up and shuts down.

    Apple software is so much more easy to use to. An example is the way you go back a page on an internet browser you simply use 2 fingers on the mouse pad to sweep from left to right. You do not have to scroll to the top of the page and click like on a windows computer, it is so much faster. If you want to go forward a page you just use 2 fingers to sweep from right to left. If you want to go between programmes you do the same thing only difference is you use 3 fingers instead of 2. Really simple and easy.

    Mac computers really have about 99% less issues and problems with running than a PC does. Don't let people tell you you get bad specs for your money because I heard a guy say that does not matter because the software does not require a computer that is as power to run as windows does and Macs run super fast anyway. So the specks are not an issue it is about how the computer runs and Macs run super fast.

    There are also many other advantages of owning a Mac to.

    • Thank you. I just needed a little push. MacBook it is then.

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    • Your welcome, don't listen to those strait out saying Macs are not worth it because many of them probably have never owned a Mac and experienced one and know about them. Macs are sure worth it. You are paying more but you are getting a better product.

    • Thank you for MHA

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  • They aren't. If you have to use ms applications a lot. If you are using it for media or graphic purposes then you got your value for it.


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  • I don't think any Apple product is worth its price. It's the bitten apple logo that they are selling, not the electronic equipment for use.

  • Sure they are worth it, if you want to pay premium price for something without premium features.