Why do girls think this is creepy?

Why do they think it's creepy when a guy Theyre not attracted to calls them hot but don't think its creepy when a guy they like think they're hot or hits on them?


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  • Why do girls think this is creepy?
    Likely because creepy seemingly tends to mean feeling unsafe/uncomfortable. In my view:

    Mutual attraction tends to be desired so I imagine few gals would feel unsafe/uncomfortable around a guy they desire.

    Unwanted attraction tends not to be desired as it leads to the slope of rejection. I imagine not to many guys take rejection well and unwanted attraction can be threatening as many guys appear to be aggressive and intimidating. It may start out as being called hot and end up as being called a stuck up b*tch or end up with sexual assault/harassment.


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  • That's just the nature of life I am pretty sure if a ugly girl came up to you and flirted with you you would think it was creepy welcome to human nature.


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  • Honestly I think it's creepy when the hot guys do it too >_< You can flirt with me, but when a dude says "you're hot" I feel like they've been looking below what I'd like them too and it makes me uncomfortable.
    Personally I prefer a "you're cute" or starting off with something more simple.

  • Because we want guys we like to notice us but it seems weird when a guy we don't like notices us. If a guy we don't like notices us we think that he has a hung for us and we don't want him to.

    • Same with girls. We want the ones we find hot to think it's cute, but the ones we don't, it's "creepy"

    • I don't think it's creepy when a girl I don't like says she likes me...

      It's just normal human behavior...

    • * Thing, not hung lol

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  • Girls, liking handsome guys, are you sure? Next you're going to say they like tall guys only and jerks. I thought they go for unattractive nice guys. *sacarsm* lol

    Nah, it's called preferences.

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