Do you have any cringe?

Or funny stories too tell?

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I have so many, once I had a duck poo on me, another time I went to school with 2 odd shoes, just so many 😂🙈


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  • Yes I do. I once walked in on my comrade fingering his girlfriend at his house. I walked out the room and tried to clear my mind by watching some TV in his living room. Eventually, she left and he joined me in the living room. We gave each other a look and he tried to high five me, but I told him to wash his hands first.


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  • When I was 13 in my cousions quince, I kissed my childhood friend on the cheek. But, I think I was too rough. I kind of pounced on him and kissed him too hard and slobbered on his cheek. He looked mad afterwards. Lol. Now when people bring up my cousions quince, I cringe.

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