Is it bad if I'm starting to think white girls look weird?

I mean, they're just so pale, especially in October, if you see them in shorts and shit they look half dead. Not to mention, blue eyes freak me out, they just look dead and empty to me. Does that make me racist?


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  • No, that's just your preference, mate, as long as it's only an attraction thing and not that you're holding something against them personally, and would still theoretically date a white girl if you were attracted to her (like any other race).

    • Now, that's racist... clearly so...

      For the record, I like both pale and tanned. Just because you don't find them attractive doesn't mean no one else does.

    • Oh, oops. What an idiot am I (didn't see your opinion comment followup). Yeah, you're fine then.

  • Nah bruh. That's called the unhealthy shade of pale. (not white but pale).
    Regardless of "color" , the good shade is pale with a tincture of red that denotes good blood circulation.
    Too dark , you are basically black and block out the red hue.
    Too white , and you fade into the snow.
    Somewhere in the middle between ink black and snow white is the GOLDEN ZONE. That's where it's at bruh.

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