Anyone know how to calm down from an anxiety trigger?

I have extreme anxiety (hence why I'm always anon for the past year) and my trigger is going off and I don't know how I can calm down from it and it's making me not be able to sleep. Anyone know how to make my anxiety calm down?


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  • Aw I'm really sorry that you don't feel good :(

    Maybe try this:

    Name 5 things you can see.
    Name 4 things you can feel.
    Name 3 things you can hear.
    Name 2 things you can smell.
    Name 1 thing that makes you happy.
    Breathe. And keep breathing.

    If you can maybe take a hot shower or bath because hot water

    If you're having a lot of thoughts and they're overwhelming try writing them down. If you write down what is worrying you you can see it in perspective, and know you've done all you can tonight towards sorting it out

    You have totally got this <3 . You're a strong person and I really hope you feel better <3

    • The thinking thing doesn't work for me and the writing things down would just annoy me cause I also have a sensory disorder which makes it really annoying to write things. But thanks for trying and ty for the wishes <3

    • I'm sorry :( . I hope you got some sleep eventually <3

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  • Identify the trigger and why it's causing anxiety. Destroy the trigger by making a plan that resolves what is causing the trigger.

    • My trigger is anything that can possibly cause me death. at least right now

    • Accept that there are no guarantees in life and eventually it will end. Live life to it's fullest, take those chances and get everything out of life you can, because you only live once.