Guys, Do you find normal or a bit unusual that a guy?

in his mids 40s still is single, never married and no kids? I ( ask this because at that age most guys are eitehr married with chidren, just married or divorced with kids but single single with no kind of committment are maybe unsual for some.

Do you think that guys when they reach a certain age like mid 40 or early 40´s and who are not married, no kids, etc they like not think in getting married at all and much less have kids since they maybe they dont like to start raising kids so old in their life?


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  • Unusual? Maybe, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I'm not exactly striving to be single at that age myself. But if it is to be, then so be it.

  • Sounds like he's found the perfect life... or... he's a gay man? I have a n uncle that is just how you described.

    • Is your uncle gay? No this guy is not gay

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    • This person had had 2 previous relationship with ladies, one lasted 4 years nd the other one 2 years but the guy never manage to marry them and neither had kids with either one. The guy does not believe so much n the sactity of marriage, maybe is why he will never get married or have kids and also because he likes to live free on his own house, do what he likes witout somone nagging him or tell him things.

    • That sounds like a decent explanation to me @Asker
      Honestly if it doesn't work out with my wife "god forbid" there's no way in hell I would get remarried. Hahaha! !!