What do you think about "love"? Do you believe in it? Is it actually worth it? Is it even real?

I don't understand the concept or the desire to love. Not the type of love, where you're expected to but the type that will break you.
I'm not even sure if it exists.
I just want someone's take on the whole idea.


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  • I really don't WANT to believe in love, but sometimes I do. :(

  • It exists but it is really just hard to find

    • You think so?
      Personally , I never been in love and I don't want to for fear that it may end tragically. Which is why I choose to ignore it or it doesn't exsist.
      Have you been in love Ulyss?

    • As cheesy as it sounds haha only one girl has managed to take my breath by just smiling and just being there but sucks that I didn't look like this back then or I would have gotten her number or been a friend of hers :/ so far I have not found a girl that interests me the way she did and I feel bad for not actually being really into the girls that are actually into me I don't know if you consider it love but I think that's how it must feel like, just becoming happy and forgetting about everything just by a smile

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