Should I tell people that im really a bitch?

People keep saying stuff like "you seem like a really nice person ", and people assume im this prim an propper girl Who does all her homework and never says anything bad about people.
I might be nice and friendly, but I have a really bad and manipulate side. And honestly im quite revengeful.. I have done some pretty unethical shit.. towards guys. Im not proud, but it is what it is.. so if a guy shows interest I always think about telling him im a bitch. . Well unless he's trying to use me for sex. . Then he's doomed


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  • Good luck findin a job

    • I already have a job.. What does that have to do with anything?

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    • You're an ass

    • Because I belive in hard work and skills? Oh okay

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  • well u dont need to go around parading it, but when u are around people, dont feel the need to fake.
    one question though, why fake?

    • Im not.. im a nice person untill someone crosses me.. so if they cross me and then im acting nice, then im being false. Otherwise im Just being myself...

    • ohhh ok i get u.

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  • Maybe you should realize that this is an error in what makes you "you" and should try to improve upon it so that you won't have to tell people that you are a "bitch"

  • No way. Show them.;-)

  • He's doomed if he tries to use you for sex? How so? I'm curious lol.

    • Well i'll try to use him basically for whatever i want (normally on a night out for drinks and food etc) and i do that with a false hope that he'll get some. Ofc this doesn't always work, it depends on how mych he wants it and if he's willing to work for it. From experience most guys are willing to work a little for it. I will also have those strong feeling of dislike towards him... And im probarly going to feel it for a while or untill another guy comes along.. so he won't cry for hours or anything, but there is only so much you can do to a guy that does care about your feelings you know

    • Damn... you are a bitch lol.

    • No shit lol

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  • Not exactly something to be proud of... Lol good luck getting guys like that because I can tell you right now not a lot of guys like girls who are bitchy, and if they do then they're just fuck boys who just want sex. :)

    • Well im not bitchy towards people.. i only try to use guys Who try to use me for sex.. everyone else is safe ^^