What would you call a person like me?

I'm not introverted and I'm not really shy. I mostly only speak when someone speaks to me first and even then I don't say much, I enjoy being around people and I also enjoy being alone. I don't feel the importance of being accepted by others as much as other people do but I still try to be friendly. I also don't have low selfe esteem.

So, what am I? Or am I just weird and abnormal?

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  • I'd call you a person since labels really don't matter.


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  • I am like your twin. I don't think it's weird or abnormal to be like us.

  • I've been wondering if a girl likes me the entire time and she acts EXACTLY like you... With that being said, can I ask you a question please? What would you do to show a guy that you like him? I need an answer so I can judge if she indeed acts like you. Thanks.

    • And if she does act like you I can know if she likes me based on what you would do to show a guy that you like him... I just need a few signs that you'd show I'd really appreciate it. :)

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    • Oh thanks for asking, she doesn't contact me. At all. Long story short for some reason when I first met her she pretended to have the same music taste as me but I found out she was lying (her way of allowing guys to chase her I believe)... She has a lot of guy friends and I can't analyze her personality because I don't see her often. But I told her "Miss you but I'm not gonna send you any messages anymore because the whole thing is one sided and I'm the only one who sends messages" so I stopped just to test her interest if she makes an effort to send me messages first, her reply was "It's nothing I just don't ask about anyone or send anyone anything really" to this day she never did so I gave up. Plenty of guys chased her, but got nothing and the things I hear about her makes me think she enjoys playing with guys and leading them on with false signs to nowhere. Maybe I'm wrong but I can tell that she lied to me because my friend told me she used to send him messages first. (he knows).

    • Do you think I should send her a message to ask how she's doin for example? Or should continue to move on but I told her "I'm not gonna send any messages" which is why I'm not. I do have her number. I'm already moving on as it's been a long time since I told her that but I want your opinion on the matter

What Girls Said 1

  • Introversion doesn't make you abnormal.