Have you ever had to hold your laugh in when you were sitting next to you best friend in class?

I love these moments in class, but I hate them too. It's torture to hold it in xD


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  • Omg yesss, especially in 8th grade which I had my best friend in all of my classes, and we were always laughing about something.. the worst part was trying to hold it in when the teacher was right there looking at you :D haha


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  • All the time. That was basically all of 5th grade, 8th grade, and certain classes in high school.

    One time it happened during a lockdown. We were in the library, and my best friend and I couldn't stop giggling. And everyone else was completely silent. It was fucking intense, and it is very hard to stop, and we got in trouble with the librarian.

  • I would LMAO! in class. if the the teacher has problem Ill step out the door and finish my laugh.