Is this way of thinking bad?

I have thought a few times in the past that a teen under 18 will likely be hot when she's older. Opinions?

"Hot" was probably way too big of a word. I was being rather vague...
My thoughts where seconds long, and all about potential.


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  • Being that you're way over the legal age, yes.

    It's normal to think a young child is attractive.
    (I've been complimented since I was underage by people who don't even know me)---You think nothing of it, a compliment is a compliment.
    You say, thank you and move on.

    But when you say something like "hot"
    That's more in a sexual context and shows that you find them attractive in that type of way.
    That's abnormal for a grown man to be thinking about a child in that light.

    • Well, maybe "hot" was too big of a word. I was being rather vauge...

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    • Thanks. (Still feeling so-so about myself, though... 😕)

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Seems like a fairly normal thing to think as long as it isn't followed by throwing the girl into the back of a windowless van.

    • I hope so. I'm still feeling unsure, but I'm so often rough on myself...

    • As long as it's left at "yeah she'll be hot when she grows up" then it's kosher. lol

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  • As long as it's in your head you can't get in trouble the second you try to act on these thoughts I hope you get the shit kicked out of you

  • It's normal. When the average life expectancy was 30, women were married at puberty as people died quick.

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