Is this normal? To have an intense crush on a guy I've never talked to? Does it have potential to go anywhere?

I'm at my 3rd year at college, and there's this guy who lives in the same building as I do. We've passed each other 4-5 times this past week, and he caught my eye because he stared at me and didn't look away.. And it happened each time we passed each other (and he's super cute). He once nodded his head at me too, really quickly.

This past week I've been trying to leave my dorm more often in hopes to bump into him and see him... But I haven't had luck... Am I in dream world if I think this'll go somewhere? I want to say hi and ask what his name is next time... But I'm sure he isn't thinking about me even, and I feel so creepy having this huge crush on a dude I see 3-4 times a week only in a brief moment.


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  • Sounds like simple lust


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