Latin American GAGers where are you? Anybody from Latin America here?

Honestly I’ve noticed no more than 10 GAGers comin from ANY Latin American country…. y they r so rare here?

Particularly among regular ones I’ve noticed only @matheus_mb @RedRain & @WhatTheHellAmy being Latin Americans…

Anybody else?


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  • I'm here to represent my country hehe, Brazil rules in South America!

    • Oh, and I forgot saying. Maybe the main reason that you don't see many people from Latin America here is because most people here don't speak English and many others don't know enough to communicate in a good level.

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    • Summertime is awesome if you like heat, but I'd rather live in Europe because you got a better life quality there.

    • but SA's more... exotic u know... ;)

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  • there are many latin americans who are living in different countries too, so I guess you have missed out on many of them... but all of them are pretty great especially @RedRain and @Whatthehellamy

    @Prettyrican is also from Latin America I guess

  • I'm not Latin but definitely got the fever for Latina girls 😘
    😍 <3

  • The only thing I can think of is maybe they are staying on the Spanish and portuguese versions of GaG but don't crossover as much as the turks. Apart from the ones you mentioned I only have a inkling I seen a couple of brazilians and for some reason a venezuelan is popping into my head but I can't remember names.

  • most people will never meet or see a Guatemalan in their life so...

  • With Latin America, you mean South America?

    • Cause if so, count me in

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    • nice to know... :)

    • I think it's Ironic... Even when being raised by Belgian customs at the very beginning, I still caught myself liking samba music, and I ended up practising Capoeira
      It's like this was 'meant to be'