Are most girls always getting approached?

Some guys make it seem every girls has a line of guys waiting on them. I just want to know, do you or most of your friends who are girls always getting appraoched?


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  • It completely depends on the girl and the circumstances but I guess girls probably do get approached a little bit more often than guys. It's just you can't really compare it because I find that a lot of the time when girls get randomly approached it's not by the kind of person they're looking for. For example I got approached by a 50 year old man this week (I'm 21) who invited me for coffee. I politely declined because his offer was sweet but he is an excellent example of how you can be approached without it really being what you want. I think I'd rather stick in my age range. Yes we probably do get approached more, but it really isn't the kind of approaches that guys would like either. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I've been approached in a polite way by a guy of my own age (I am always polite back). Getting people hollering at me or being a creep is not very pleasant.

    • Where i live, there are a lot of single girls. You go out to the mall or movies and you see giant groups of girls. Funny thing is, there are a lot of girls and guys, like its pretty balanced yet there are tons of single people. I was just wondering if that heppened to bet everywhere or just here. How is it in your area.

    • I don't know because I'm not really the kind of person to go out to the shopping centre or the cinema and my friend group is mixed ie. both men and women. I know plenty of single people and people in relationships. I'm at an age right now where most people my age are getting into serious relationships alongside getting first jobs and looking at getting on the housing ladder so there probably is a disproportionate number of relationships between my friends but thinking back a few years when most of my friends were still studying there were a lot of single people. It's probably because we're young and not ready to be tied down but things are changing as we get older :)

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  • Most are ! lol I don't think so! haha


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  • Most girls do get approached at least occasionally.