Would sex with an alien be considered beastialty?

My friend and I got into a debate about aliens if it'd be classed as beasteality. I said yes, because beastialty is sex with something that isn't a human. He disagrees because he thinks there are some hot aliens in Television. What do you guys think?


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  • Well, the problem with bestiality is that animals can't consent. I think it would depend on whether you could communicate with the alien and whether they could comprehend being asked if they consented to sex

    • I'm not talking from a moral stand point (I should have said ) just by dictionary definition

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  • Naaaah , it would be out of this world

    • This comment made me smile :D

    • Got to keep upbeat and be comical as often as possible

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  • No because it's only bestiality if it's a non-sentient being, and if it's anything like Star Wars, they're pretty sentient

    • Animals are sentient

    • No they aren't sentience is finely sensitive in perception or feeling. acording to websters dictionary

    • Able to perceive or feel things: taken from Oxfords dictionary. Animals do feel things

  • Mmmmm hot alien sex