So my guy friend saw that I was really cold and asked if I wanted to use his jacket. Is that something all nice guys do? Or if they like you?

So my guy friend well I don't know if you can call us friends or not. But anyways, I was really cold and he offered me his jacket but I said no. I know that's a bitch move but I didn't want him to be cold it's his jacket. We talk sometimes when I see him in the hallways or in gym class. I use to have a crush on him and still do. I've never had a boyfriend not that I want one it's just I'm 15 and I guess I've never really got out there. I don't know what to do I'm not experience with guys. I don't even want to talk to my friends about it cause Im embarrassed. No guys like me cause I'm not like other girls. I'm not the dressy type. I hang with the boys mostly. I'm just embarrassed they'll make jokes about it. I need advice please. I have no clue what to do.


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  • He probably likes you, but you rejecting his jacket like that probably makes him think that you're not interested in him, unless you told him why you said no.

  • Take advice from your guy friends. They can give you good advice since they know your crush too. And no, they wouldn't make fun of you (even if they do, theyre just jealous of your crush). But they might end up telling everyone that you like that guy.

    And about your crush:Yes he was being nice. Its either because-
    1. His parents taught him to be a "gentleman" or
    2. He likes you


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