Do you ever feel like people only talk to you because they're just being nice?

So, I don't have any friends. as in zero, where I live. so I went onto fanfiction and met some people online and started talking to them. I thought we were friends but I'm the only one to be asking questions and starting conversations. they never massage me first or ask anyting about me. they reply only with one or two sentences. I just feel like no one really likes to talk to me. does anyone else feel like this?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yup, they are just being nice if you are the only one starting conversations.


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah sure, some people will just say hi so they dont look cold hearted in front of whoever it is theyre around who does happen to be my friend. however i seriously could not give a damn about these people. I've been blessed with being able to spot the real from the fake, so if i notice you're fake, I'm not wasting my time faking to be nice back.

    i believe I'm a great friend. i really do. if people wanna judge u hun, let them be. if they dont wanna talk to u, their loss. if people aren't making any effort, let go. trust me when i tell u that will be the most liberating thing u can do for yourself.