Which first name and middle name sound good?

Ryner Jay or Jay Ryner I really love the name Ryner (I really want to use it for my son in the future) and I'm bored and I'm debating if Ryner Jay or Jay Ryner sounds better. Personally I lke Jay Ryner more for some reason. But I feel its such a hassle just to name him Jay Ryner then call him Ryner for the rest of life and there be like "but your name is jay" blah blah blah.

  • Ryner Jay
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  • Follow your gut Jay Ryner sounds more natural and cooler Ryner Jay sounds awkward.

    • Right but there always that issue when people want to be call by their middle names as their first with teachers etc and how will that work in the real world because I want to call my son Ryner most of the time then Jay but I use Jay sometimes.

    • Okay well you should still name him Jay Ryner.

      As his parent you can call him by his middle name parents do that often they tend to call their kid by their middle name or their nick name. And you can call him by his first name or full name/first and middle when you're mad at him like parents do.

      If he likes Ryner more than Jay when he's at school the teacher will ask what would he like to be called and he can tell him/her.

    • Yeah :) I stick to Jay Ryner and besides its so unique and sounds powerful hopeful no one steals it from me from here lol