Fit the gager into one of these categories?

you can choose to tag or not but fit them into these categories:

- most attractive:
- fitness freak:
- musical guy/girl:
- emo:
- hipster:
- hippie:
- sexy:
- outgoing:
- shy:
- horny:
- completely normal:
- funny:
- pervert:
- gives good opinions all the time:
if you can think of any other categorie, add it!
I don't know anyone that is why I did not tag anyone


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What Girls Said 6

  • most attractive: @EVERYONEONGAG
    - fitness freak:@BertMacklinFBI
    - musical guy/girl: that's @DangerDoge
    - emo: this is totally me, see when i was in 7th grade I went through an emo phase, I KNOWWWWW it's weird!!
    - hipster: what is this?
    - hippie: are hippies cool?
    - sexy: me and my friends
    - outgoing: all my friends, they know they are and i'm lazy to type
    - shy: i don't know anyone shy because I have crazy friends
    - horny: me me me me me me me and the moon maybe?
    - completely normal: I don't know anyone normal sorry
    - funny: @XNicholeMariex3
    - pervert: me
    - gives good opinions all the time: @BellePepper

  • Most attractive- can't think
    Fitness freak- can't think
    Musical guy- @DangerDoge
    Emo - can't think.
    Hipster- can't think
    Hippie- can't think
    Sexy- can't think
    Outgoing- can't think
    Shy- @Dangerdoge lol again
    Horny- many dudes/dudettes
    Completely normal- can't think
    Funny- @dangerdoge my God πŸ˜‚
    Pervert- I don't know
    Good opinions- yup you guessed it right.. @Dangerdoge πŸ™ˆ

  • - most attractive: None
    - fitness freak: ConsultantisBack
    - musical guy/girl: Dangedoge and mskay
    - emo: don't know
    - hipster: don't know
    - hippie: Cipher
    - sexy: None
    - outgoing: don't know
    - shy: don't know
    - horny: PiuBelloAmante, keyspirits, and MissNowhere
    - completely normal: None - this is GaG ya know? :p
    - funny: WhiteSteve
    - pervert: don't know
    - gives good opinions all the time: Staceyzee, Prof_Don, Hellionthesage, MrOracle

  • No thanks. βœ‹

  • I'm a pervert here.

  • @MissNowhere

    She seems to be the person to tag on these questions so why bother drawing up a list?


What Guys Said 3

  • that's wayyy to much work

  • Im an anti conformist hipster

  • - most attractive: Monster, Zombie, and the girl with fruit in her name
    - fitness freak: Some dude with glasses and does videos or something. I forgot his name.
    - musical guy/girl: I say @Klaatu51 because he used to post questions all the time about music
    - emo: I don't know any emo people on here.
    - hipster: Monster? I don't know.
    - hippie: Have no idea
    - sexy: What's the difference between that and most attractive?
    - outgoing: @Cl_517
    - shy: Me.
    - horny: That PNL something dude. Forgot his name, but he's always trying to jump in on comments.
    - completely normal: I don't know
    - funny: @Youknowit She's too funny LOL!
    - pervert: @ihav2fart or that PNSL or w/e the fuck his name is.
    - gives good opinions all the time: Me.

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