Whats do you do when the thought of getting older makes you depressed?

So im quite depressed in a way over the fact that im only getting older, but still haven't really achived anything yet.

And as stupid and petty as it sounds, one of the things that make me feel worse about the fact that my birthday is in 4 months is that i still haven't managed to seriously date anyone. I guess its depressing because as a teenager i picturced myself having at leats one boyfriend or/and seriously dated on guy.. The longest i have been involved with a guy was 3 months, and both of us were kinda emtionally immature, so it wasn't really dating.. we just alk everyday and met up a couple of times.

Its really depressing and i feel like im getting older, but no closer to finding out why things never work out or why meeting a decent guy is so extremly difficult. I think its embarassing that im still single, and the fact that im still a virgin.. And i dont want the sex without the relationship, so its not like i can "just go out and get laid".

What do i do? For the last two birthdays i have been depressed on my birthday simply because of that reason.. Im sure its going to be on my mind for 4 months now...


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  • Unfortunately, as women get older, their "stock" goes down. Men age like wine and their value increases with age, but women are the opposite. Most men want sex around your age. You might have to look at older men.

    • How much older?

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    • I agree with your point. But the age at which it happens I don't.
      Men also don't age well.
      I've seen beer bellies pack on and balding around 30s.
      The men that at least take care of themselves tend to look great.

    • @Stacyzee; men age better in a sense that a lot of men gain wealth and stability. Women don't value looks as much as stability.

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  • I don't think getting older is the problem ,
    It's the fact that you don't think you're where you should be for someone your age.
    I think you should look at your own life and not compare it to those around you.
    That will make you be extremely hard on yourself , as you have already been.
    You have to understand sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find a Prince.
    Sure there's lots of girls doing far more than you , but are they really happy?
    Being in a relationship won't find your happiness.
    That has to come from within.
    You have to establish a inner peace with yourself.
    Have a better outlook.
    These things take time for some people.
    Continue to put yourself out there to date.


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  • You're never going to be as young as you are now. Enjoy it while you can.

    • I know I should. .. but I can't stop feeling bad.. I Just really want to feel wanted.. I feel like nobody wants me.. except this guy that buys me drinks all the time.. And that does not make me feel better..

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