A question for anyone who bought an iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ 6S/ 6S Plus?

How can you not find the protruding camera lens and the antenna band UTTERLY ugly, and not find it an absolute PAIN to the eye?

I mean, I am 100% sure Steve Jobs would never have accepted these glaringly painful design flaws on his product if he was alive.
I mean, the iPhone 4S was perfect, the iPhone 5 proportions were kind of wrong but still ok, but the 6 is just... NO.

In fact the protruding camera lens and the antenna band are the only reason why I switched from the iPhone 4S to the Note 4 last year because it is simply a more beautiful and visually pleasing design.

I just don't understand how you guys can bear carrying that ugly thing in your pocket everyday?


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  • "Glaringly painful design flaws"? You need to get a hobby, dude.


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