This is really important: Can anyone tell me how do I shower a baby?

The nanny that's working for me can't come for a few weeks because she have some personal issues that need to be solved. So It's been a week since that and i don't really know how to shower my daughter "she's three months" and i'm afraid to annoy my neighbor by asking her that. This is really isn't my thing but i'm trying my best. My parents live in another city but not that far from me but still i don't know if i can ask them that or not. And it's kind of hard to find and trust in another nanny.

  • Do it yourself man
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  • Ask your neighbor she might help
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  • Just leave your daughter with your parents please!
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  • You can just google search this and it might be easier. Either way, you should know how to bathe your child, so now is as good a time as any to learn! :) First of all, you don't put your kid in a shower. Gently wash her face with a soft sponge, don't get anything like soap in her eyes, obviously, keep it lukewarm water. Then you can get ready to bathe (try to run the bath beforehand so you don't end up with a naked and shivering baby). Run the bath so that it's about as warm as you'd enjoy, something nice and relaxing but not cold. Don't make the water too high. To test if it's a good temperature, then you can put your elbow in it. If it feels too hot, just run some cold water. It might be a good idea to put a cushion on the floor for you to kneel on. It is hugely important that you get towels and whatever you're going to dry your baby and put her into ready before you bathe. You cannot leave your child unattended at any point during a bath, okay? Gently support her head and back as you put her into the water, and keep her suspended whilst she's in it. Use baby soap and gently use a soft sponge to clean her. It's not difficult once you do it, just be gentle and careful of the water temperature. Sing to her or talk to her whilst bathing her to bond. If you're worried about not supporting her correctly and something happening, you can always bathe her in the sink, or you can get in the bath with her.

    • Thank you so much you made my day! This is really helpful and i do it step by step, I hope i don't do something wrong.

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    • Oh god she was crying when when i put her inside the water and that scared the shit out of me! I thought that i hurt her or something but she was fine. I think i did, she's sleeping now and smells like babies again. lol i really want to thank you :)

    • Yeah, no worries, they do sometimes cry when you put them in the water. It's new for them, and it's surprising and honestly, babies just cry at anything, so no big deal. I'm glad it went well for you <3

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  • u use one of those little baby bathes. honestly if you're not sure Id just wipe the baby down with baby wipes and call it good.

    • I've never done it before so i'm not really sure about it

    • you got to like hold their head and just splash a little water on them. I get you though I don't even like holding babies I feel like im going to crush them it scares the shit out of me.

    • I know the feeling, I have never hold or touched a child before but this time it's my daughter and i have to

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    Put her in the sink. Use baby soap. Fill the sink with water so that it is up to just past her butt when she's sitting. Clean her with a cloth. The shampoo/condition her hair if she has any. Don't get soap or water in her eyes. Oh, and wash her lady bits :p

  • You can bathe your baby in the sink if you don't have a tub specifically for her. Just make sure the water's warm and use baby soap. Be gentle with her and you're good!

    • do i just put her inside the tub? is it safe?

    • You'll probably have to hold her, since at 3 months she can't sit up yet.

    • Wish me luck

  • You bathe them in a shallow basin. Not in the shower. Trying to drown your child? Get your parents to show you how to do it so you don't kill your kid but learn to do it yourself like a real adult.

  • Use a basin and make sure water is warm when you hold her to bathe with a small cloth. They just need a rinse or wipe over.

    A three month old baby doesn't need shampooing on her hair. Use soap on body too. After you dry her with a towel. Put moisturiser on her body.

  • Don't but a 3 month old in the shower. Buy her a tub thing you can put babies in, and use a cloth and baby soap to clean your baby. Oh and you can wash her hair too (gently) use lukewarm water. If you still don't understand just ask your neighbor to SHOW you. I'm sure she won't be annoyed.


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  • i just had my first child and i've found it much easier to take a bath with her. she gets fussy sitting in sinks and stuff because they are uncomfortable and I think being held in the tub is soothing.

    so my wife and i alternate nights of bathing (although we only use soap once a week since baby's skin is still very sensitive)

    I'd definitely do it yourself. it's a great bonding time

    • yeah things would be very easy if my wife were here

    • i've done it on my own when my wife is away. it's a little challenging getting into the tub but definitely doable.

  • you should do it your self, youtube would probably have a helpful video for you. but you don't shower a baby, you give them a bath