Why can't Bruno and Kamala from Ms. marvel date, exactly?

Okay, I don't know if Kamala likes Bruno too (I'm still on #6) but I saw the discussion between Kamala's brother and him while searching Google to find info about Nakia. It's pretty clear Bruno is head over heels in love with her. But Aamir's (was that his name?) talking about cultural differences and what her family wants for Kamala's future family.

When I read reviews about this, Tumblr people were like "Bruno's white prilevege etc blah blah". I don't see what prilevege or anything has to do with this. OF COURSE Kamala's parents want her to marry a Pakistani. They're Pakistani. But she doesn't have to. Marrying a non-Muslim doesn't mean giving up her heritage (neither does going to a party, by the way, dear authors who make superheroes preach her about this.).

Who Kamala marries or dates is her decision. Her family doesn't get a say in this. She shouldn't be marrying someone she doesn't love just so her parents are happy. She met a Muslim and fell in love? Awesome, she's happy, parents are happy. He's a non-Muslim? They have to respect her choices. And I'm sure they'll come around when they see their little grandson/granddaughter.

I'm not saying Kamala should date Bruno or the other guy, in my opinion, the latter is a total asshole and like I said I don't know if she even likes the former. But if she does like Bruno or another non-Muslim guy, she needs to know it's ONLY her choice, not her family's.


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  • Well first of all I'm only as far as you are but we should totally be besties and chat about this lol
    Anyway... lol I think that's whats going to be explored more as the series progresses, and I am very excited to see all of that for sure...
    I think it's clear she does like him, but she's kinda conservative in how she's been raised, I definitely don't think that her parents are going to stop her from seeing him...
    I have the rest of the issues but between reading Gotham acadamy and life being busy... and honestly not wanting to get caught up and having to wait for a next issue I've put reading them on hold