At what age do people get past the "loser" phase?

16-22? Seems like the phase where there's the highest chance of being a loser, just partying away doing drugs, getting pregnant at 16, failing at everything, etc. I've known some people who I never imagined they were losers growing up. They seem so mature and level headed but their past was different... pregnant at 17, just partying all day and shit and doing nothing good.


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  • I think everyone is born clueless... But as we grow we learn and have our own experiences.
    It's up to everyone to decide what they're going to do with what they have learned from their surroundings/themselves/past experiences

    Age, I don't know... it depends on the surroundings/themselves/past experiences

  • For someone people, they grow into a loser phase. It just depends on what you define as a loser.

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