I went to help this girl out tonight cause her car had a dead battery and she acted weird which made me wonder what I did wrong?

I have night school for one class and i noticed this girl's car had a dead battery as it would not start and was weak. She was super cute and i though this would be a good time to practice "talking to girls". So i told her if she wanted help, she said no. i told her do you have anyone coming? she said no. So then i conviced her to help.

I won't get in detail but its like she though i was going to steal her car... she was really protective and looked scared. I'am not an indimidating person. While the car was charging i told her what to do and tried to small talk but nothing really worked :(

I feel like i suck talking to girls but at the same time she was really tense... why was she this tense?


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  • Don't judge yourself based on this experience. Some girls will act like that in such situation even if you were the best talker and the sweetest person. She was already nervous because it was at night and the car did not start. A random guy approached, but it is night, and she does not know what are his intentions.

    It is sad because the bad stories girls hear come out on top of the good things about some guys who might be the majority.

    It was nice of you that you helped her. This will fix this image and make her learn that not all men are like that. However, don't assume you are not good with talking with girls based on that. At least, this time, you had the courage to go talk to her and help her. Now, try yourself in better scenarios.

    • I thought about it and understand now, it was night (but other cars were there and a few people) but i mean maybe she would of though i would do something to her? i just wanted to help her out cause it would suck if she had no one else. She was defensive too, like i went to go open her hood then she wa slike "no it's ok i can do it". Then when i tried to put the cables on her car she said that again, but i could tell she was a little scared cause she said "will this shock me?" (Lol).

      I'm trying to build up my confidence and she looked good too so while the cars were charging i though i could try some small talk but after 4 minutes she went on her phone :(

      Maybe she had a bad experience in the past? Maybe if i see her again i can wave or something

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    • Yup, try to talk with her next time and ask her about herself or her car. I hope she wouldn't feel as nervous since she learnt you are not a bad person.

      Hahaha that is funny. Both of you were scared from each other, but now I think about it, yeah, there is a chance. xD

    • yeah like she had her phone in her hand and i was like in my head "dang is she texting someone to steal my car or set something up!!" But i just acted cool, but i was a bit tense cause when we stopped talking and she went on her phone i was a tiny bit worried cause we were all the way at the end of the lot

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  • Yes, approaching a cute girl at night when you are the only one around is a super great time to practice "talking to girls", as you so eloquently put in quotation marks.

    She was just nervous because male + alone + night = rape in the mind of a 21st century girl.

    Don't feel bad about your talking skills. If you see her again (IN THE DAYTIME) then maybe say hi to her or something.

    • ti wasn't empty there were 20 cars there but scattered around. And some people were around too... but again scarttered, plus the lot had lights on. No matter how good she looked i would never rape her, i'm not a monster like other sick people are, i was simply offering her my help, i always carry jumper cables with me and i could walking back from school she was struggling.

      Next time in the day i guess i could say hi IF i see her.

    • Yeah, it's not just you though, I'm saying girls are often pretty cautious these days.

    • yeah that is true

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  • I don't think this was really a good scenario for judging your ability to talk to girls

    • well i mean i wanted to help her out so i would try "small talk", but i could tell she wanted to just leave asap. Maybe cause it was night time, but there were other cars and some people in the lot too, I don't know.

    • Some girls aren't going to respond favorably, but that doesn't meant the next girl you talk to will respond that way

    • ok, well if anyone does need help, i'll help them even if they don't speak that much to me, but thanks for you input :-)

  • You did nothing wrong, you were being more than friendly towards her. It sounds like she just had something wrong with her.

    • i know she had something wrong with her car but like she seemed very tense... as if i was going to do something to her lol which i would not, i tried to be super nice and gave her tips on what to do the next time, but I don't know :( its like she wanted to leave asap for some reason

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