How do you deal with the sudden urge for independence in your teen years?

I just got out of high school this year and feel like I'm having a crisis. I want to have a job and car and party and do adult things. And with every passing weekend I get more depressed. I wish I had someone to go through this with me but almost all my friends are still in school.


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  • damn that's how I felt haha

    before I got my job and license (I don't have a car yet), I just went to the park everyday and played soccer

    I don't know what you can do though

    • Yeah it would be good for me to get out the house. It's just hard, with my friends being in school and not being able to transport myself. If it were up to me I would go hiking on trails and stuff every week.

    • yea trust me, even little walks will do wonders.

      and at nights just watch netflix I can recommend a good show

      also when you do get your job car and license you will feel so free. speeding on the highway at 11pm is so ELECTRIFYING I feel so free

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