How to stop crushing?

I am sick of liking and or having crushes on girls. I really don't want to be in a relationship of any kind, but I keep finding myself in these meaningless crushes. I am asexual, so I don't do it for the sex. My biggest problem is that I'm an aesthetic-oriented a hole. I see a pretty girl and I'm blinded from reality. How do I stop this and move on with my life?


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  • You can't. They possess the "V" the most powerful thing on earth

    • That's a pretty pussy whipped thing to say.

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    • @ThisDudeHere I love pussy and am proud of it and you're a liar

    • @reptocarl I'm not a white knight and proud of it and you're an old man who believe in gynocentrism. Good for you.

      All right, no sense to continue. Have a nice day.

  • It's something you can do little about. I'm in my 50s and it still happens to me.