Are all human beings sadists?

I wanna know this for a long time. Are we all sadists? Because most of us didn't have a thought about how others were suffering because of our behaviors. Girl break boys' heart for some little reasons and boys don't care feeling of girls who is in love with him. We don't understand about how parents want us to be good beings and make fight with them. Parents don't consider how their childs are suffering and force childs to do what they want. I bet almost everyone of us hurt at least one person who is deeply care of us. What's Ur opnion? I'm not a native so if my English is bad, sry for that.


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  • I think the majority of people have both masochistic & sadistic tendencies.

    • Yea =_= , We hurt and liked to be hurt.

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  • Maybe we are just too selfish and ignorant at times.


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