How social are you?

I think I have become a bit antisocial. I am still nice towards other people thankfully. However, I notice a lot of situations out there and I think... how would I react if I was in such a situation. I don't like the amount of attention I will attract to myself.

I have never previously felt this way. Or if I did, I very well understood why... i. e foreing culture, or not having friends yet in the new place I was living. Once I had that... I was better off. I am mostly okay in one to one or even small group scenarios but I hate being the center of attention in a medium to large sized crowd.

I don't like this. I want to be comfortable in all situations and I believe I was / could have been (this one experienced has really thrown my life off).

I would like to get my self-confidence back.


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  • I'm very social and love talking with people, but I'm definitely better in a smaller group setting than large groups. If I'm in a large group, I'll often break off into the smaller ones rather than try to engage the entire big group. I don't have a loud voice that carries, and I think my personality just shines through better within a smaller group.

    Also, I do have a point where I max out on the amount of socializing I'm willing to do. After that I need time to be by myself and sort of re-charge.

    If you want to become more social, I would just engage in talking to people and being social in any social situation you find yourself in. Maybe just a few people at first, and then more and more. Step by step.

    • Do you feel most people are good or bad? I was in a very shitty situation once. It made me see the shit side of people. I guess it kind of shocked me because it caught me off-guard. I didn't think some people I knew would go this far. I do not show this in idle chit-chat... however, my conversations are not as genuine as before. As in I do not fully put myself out there and in fact I hold some back.

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    • Not at all a book. You story is positive energy chucked at me which only is uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story and taking an interest in my situation. You were kind and sincere and I appreciate that. I am glad that you made it through your struggle. I would say it probably makes you a much stronger and prouder person in the end. Today I am definitely in a better spot than I am before. New much better job starting Monday, Attending University for a degree in Business. However, there is still a lot of work in front of me if I want to be completely satisfied with myself. I just find it frustrating regarding what happened because it is ridiculously unlikely that it should have... but whatever. Usually I don't complain about such things, this time I am because it warrants it.

      Anyway good day to you!

    • Ok good haha, I'm very happy to hear that. I shared it with the right person then. Thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate it. I'm also really glad to hear that things are going well for you, and I'm sure that bullying experience won't get you down for long either. You seem like a strong person. Good luck with the rest of the work you set out to do.

      Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for MHG (:

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  • Not very. My social interaction is limited to the people I live with, online, or small gatherings maybe once a week or so where our attention isn't always only focused on each other.

  • Really not very. I like to have a lot of alone time and only really like hanging out with my 'favourite' people most of the time


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  • I am not very social at all.

  • Not at all.