Atheists, is the placebo effect proof of faith healing to you?

Is the placebo effect proof that a power smarter and more powerful than us can arrange the physical world based on something like faith?

If someone can link me to an article that explains the placebo effect in scientific terms, and that doesn't just go on about how fascinating it is then I will read it and stand corrected.
How about you just explain it here, because I'm not reading these bullshit articles anymore.


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  • The placebo effect is proof of how powerful our thoughts are. Mind and body are very intertwined, so much so that what you think mentally and feel emotionally can have tangible effects on the condition of your body.

    • That sounds very vague, can you explain it scientifically?

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    • @Surfofthenomad

      When did I mention the bible? I believe that the bible has good points, but I don't agree with everything that's in it in a literal sense. If anything you're proving that people like you are dense.

    • No, you're not just going to have the last word. Especially when you're misrepresenting what I said. I'm arguing for the fact that faith alone will make physical circumstances better with methods that are beyond our own. And that this is evidence for a higher power that intervenes based on faith, the placebo effect is one small example of that.

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  • absolutely not. it only shows me how people can fool themselves.

    • Denying evidence is your hobby isn't it?

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    • Read the article. It's just a story. about a guy who tried to prove that the placebo effect existed. I doubt you read it yourself.

      “In other words, rituals and drugs use the very same biochemical pathways to influence the patient’s brain.” It’s those advances in “hard science,” he added, that have given placebo research a legitimacy it never enjoyed before."

      Is just the same as saying prayer produces the same results as circumstances lining up in your favor.

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  • This isn't a site to cram your opinions down other people's throats or have political discussions, go somewhere else.


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  • It's people like you that make atheists think all religious people are morons...

    • Why are you assuming that anyone cares what atheists think? We obviously disagree with you on fundamentals things in life. Most people don't respect atheists opinion in the way you think, precisely because of atheists like you, which is probably most.

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    • You ask for articles for proof of scientific reasoning behind the placebo effect and then say you don't want it anymore because it isn't satisfying your needs that apparently can't be met because it is perfectly explained. You were refusing to actually read the article as I saw with your conversation with the lady. Please on behalf of spiritual people shut up about this. You are doing religious people no favors right now.

    • @kobe23 you seem to care very much about what atheist think :

  • Nope, it's a phycological thing related to the brain. The brain is a very strong influence on the body. Give people chocolate that doesn't contain weed, tell them it does and their brain will make them act high

    • Can you explain it scientifically?

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    • There is no proof of a higher power either so whats gives you the right to say its an act of god...

    • Because it definitely wasn't an act of science...

  • Religion can heal some illnesses (Lourdes) or even kill (Voodoo), using the placebo effect. It's all in the mind of the believer.
    Faith healing proves the placebo effect works.

  • Placebo effect helps if you have a mental problem and your thoughts are what keep you back.

    If you try healing pneumonia and other bacterial infections with "faith healing", you'll just die.

  • No it is not, there are clear connections of the human brain to many physiological processes.
    Saying that placebo is proof of some higher power is like saying that when you are scared god is making you sweat and is raising your heartbeat.

    • Even that's unexplainable in scientific terms. Unless a scientist can explain it beyond "it just happens", or you can explain it beyond "science must have done it".

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    • "when you are afraid your brain raises the production of hormones" There is no scientific explanation, in scientific terms, for the correlation between perception and the physiological responses that occur because of them.

    • There just isn't.

  • How is that proof of an existence of a creator? That is only proof of how gullible people can be.

    • It's scientific proof that faith has tangible effects in the publicly visible world.

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    • link me an article where you don't have to subscribe or sign in.

    • And one that at least doesn't sound bias.

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