Will the Buccos get over the Cubs tonight?


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  • I think so man. Garrett Cole is no joke. People sleeping on him. Dude's a monster. Andrew should be MVP he's playing at that level. Planco can run on Jake. I like the rooks the Cubs got though. Kris and Rizzo are really good.

    • I have love the Pirates since the 'We are Family' days and loved them when they had Bonds and Wakefield. you are spot on Cole is very special- love McCuthen too, such a gutsy player full of heart and skill

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    • who is your world series tip?

      i think- Buccos versus Toronto

    • I of course have to go with Dodgers and then in the AL I pick Toronto. The AL is thin. Toronto, KC, and Houston are the only good or great teams and to me Toronto is clearly the best out of them. In the NL anybody could win. The Buccs, Cards, Dodgers, Cubs, Mets. All these teams are scary.