Do I say something or ignore this rude woman?

At work there's this woman who can't take a joke , me and other co workers were just having a laugh about something and she started getting angry and defensive.
Anyways it was something so small and she hasn't spoken to some of us at all for nearly two weeks, she won't even say hi/bye.
But whenever she needs work done that's when she will speak to me only, however , I don't like her tone (she talks down on people) BUT she's like that, that's just her way of talking to others.

I was thinking to say something but that could make it worse, cause she's the sort of person who LOVES to make a scene, and just loves attention.
So do I say something or ignore it for the sake of work?

  • Say something to her face
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  • Just ignore it and don't stoop to her level
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  • - is she better looking than you?
    - was joke about looks?
    - was joke about sleeping around?


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  • Not a hope would I entertain a temperamental drama queen


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  • "B" Here, dear, for the "Just ignore it and don't stoop to her level," but also "B" for Blow her off the way she does you, and Only Speak civil when spoken to.
    Good luck. xx

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