Is this humiliation at the workplace or I'm I exaggerating? Should I tell my manager?

Today I felt humiliated at work. I'm very sensitive, and today just honestly made me so mad. I work at a retail store, and most of the time 3 managers are there and then there's a senior sales who's below a manager and is kind of a supervisor. I have been working at this store for less than a month. I'm training there for a new opening store soon. Today begaun with him saying to me 'who's in the sports section' (that was the section I was cleaning) when I went to the back. I replied politely saying 'a manager is watching it for me cause I have to get something in the back'. He let it go. Then about 39mins later I had to get another thing at the back and he was there & he said 'have you told somebody you're away' and I said 'yeah ave told Demi'. He kept asking this why? No other member of staff gets this. by the way I'm not the only new member. Then near the end of my shift, he gave me clothes to put out. I put out this one section of men's tops which ended up to be 16 on the rail and only 12 are permitted to be on the rail. I didn't know that. So he came up to me and said 'have you put those tops out yet' and I said yeh. He went to check the tops and kept flipping them and disappeared. He came back and said 'what's wrong with that' in a very mocking tone. I said I don't know. He took a stool and told me to tell him what was wrong with it. He repeted that question about 4 times. I He was talking loudly and there was customers and staff around us. I said I didn't know so I starts flipping through the tops thinking I got the sizes wrong but I didn't. He said get down, I got down and he went up on the stool and said its only 12 tops allowed here not 16. Sort this out and walked away. Who is he to talk to me like that? Not even the managers have spoke to me like that. Should I say something? Couldn't he have said it instead of making a scene to people? I know I should've have messed up but couldn't he have just said it in a professional way other than making a huge scene


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  • Yes, talk to your manager. This is not proper behaviour for a business professional.

    • But what do I say? I don't want to cause a scene. However the next time it happens I will surely speak to a manager and have a word with this supervisor. I think he sees me as being too polite to say anything.

    • It's up to you if you wait until next time or not. I wouldn't do it out in the open. Start by asking your manager if you can speak with him/her privately. In most cases they will have you step into their office where you can tell them what happened.

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  • Each person is different, but I wouldn't have put up with that. Especially with others around. I would have said something along the lines of - "Maybe others here let you treat them like they are stupid, but you are not going to speak to me like I that. From now on, if I've messed up, tell me what I've done wrong and how I can correct it. But I will be treated with respect. If that's a problem, then tell me now and I will contact Human Resources and we can sort it out there."

    And then contact Human Resources anyway.

    I don't allow anyone to talk to me like that. Ever.

    • Even if it's retail? I'm only 18. And it's a part-time job. But I honestly this job is just to get over boredom when I'm not at college. I'll say that the next time. Also right now I'm one a 3 month trail which means the company can let me go if they don't like 'me. But this guy is a supervisor and I work hard in my job. I clean all day and speak to customers and do what I'm told. I mess up a couple of times but I'm only new and I'm human. Should I tell another manager about this?

    • I would contact Human Resources. That's what they're there for. It also protects you from the manager. Right now he can fire you and tell everyone you were a crap employee. With HR involved, and the fact he did it on the floor with customers and employees around, he has no defense. This man should not be a manager. He should not be in charge of people. Certainly, do what you are comfortable with, but I just don't tolerate this kind of behavoir to myself. I once walked out of a class in high school, marched down to the office and told them I wouldn't go back to class unless the teacher made an apology to me in front of the class. He did. It angers me when bullies exist in the work place.

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  • Oh yeah.

    " He took a stool and told me to tell him what was wrong with it. He repeted that question about 4 times. I He was talking loudly and there was customers and staff around us."

    This part would make me upset too.

    • I'll just leave it but if he speaks like that to me again I will say something and I don't care if it costs me my job. I'm not a child and I respect people to receive the same back

    • I suggest you say it in a calm tone first.


  • Stop whining about your petty little problems. When you complained I thought you would talk about a REAL problem like he raped you, he sexually harassed you, he hit you, he didn't pay you and I get some petty whining by a spoiled brat who talks like she has never tasted a day of pain in her entire life.

    • Honesty your comment doesn't affect or bother me in anyway. Everyone has their limits and if this doesn't seem like much to you then fine haha. Your comment was unneccessary but thanks for taking your useless time to read my question from 3months ago hahahahaha

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