I want to celebrate Halloween but I don't have any friends. What can I do?

I want to dress up this year and go to a Halloween party but I don't have any friends so I don't know anyone throwing a party.

Usually I don't mind staying home watching scary movies and handing out candy to trick or treaters but that's usually over by around 8pm.

I'm alone on Halloween because my whole family is out working.
I've gone out in costume by myself but I can't really trick or treat because I'm old.
So I just walk around late at night and then head back home


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    Happy Halloween, I wish I was your neighbor, would jump out naked and screams the hell out of little kids my trick, and it a adult like you then it's treat for you,

  • u r never to old for "trick or treat"...

    if u enjoy Halloween then go for it... dress up and do trick-or-treat wether alone or wid friends...

    and being friendless isn't so tragic as u think... trust me... ;)


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