Seriously, Would you rather be ugly or die?

Now, Genuine question here.

And, Also, I'd appreciate if we could keep all the complete and utter liberal ''Looks dont matter'' bulls**t out of this, Because everyone with half a brain knows thats not true.

My question is, Would you rather be ugly to a point, Where, Looking in a mirror makes you cry, You always see people stare in digust at you, Your facial features are vile, You have bad skin, You are overweight, Basically just looking horrendeous. And its pretty much a gurantee you will never have friends + be bullied + Die alone


Simply not exist. And never experience such a pathetic life due to your body.

  • I would rather be horrendously ugly and disgusting
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  • I would rather die / not exist.
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  • I'd rather die. Looks matter way more than people let on and there's plenty of scientific research about it online. Im already kinda depressed being average looking, Id fucking HATE to go through life being horribly disfigured. It would make finding friends and jobs more much difficult and finding sexual relationships borderline impossible.

    Im not a fan of living just for the sake of living, I think if your life is devoid of happiness and hope then I completely understand people wanting to take their own lives.

    • Sadly its the situation im in brother, And i agree completely, Thank you for your point of view. It helps a lot.

  • Dude, I feel your pain, I feel like that too. Try to take some encouragement from knowing your not alone.

    On the flip side, you talk about being overweight, bad skin, but yo can work on that, challenge yourself and know there will always be someone out there that will like you.

    • Been trying for a year now mate, Look just as bad as before i started, In some areas worse, So i have given up. I realise there comes a time just to hold your hands up and admit defeat.

      seriously buddy, I appreciate the encouragement, but like i said, We both know when one is at such a degree of ugly, There is no way of salvaging it.

      Out of curiousity, Which option did you pick?

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    • Bro, your words are so saddening for me to hear because I can relate, the feeling is so overwhelming you feel like death is the only cure. I'm so sorry to hear you attempted this but it's almost miraculous you survived. I pray you don't ever try that shit again please bro try to overcome the curse. You're so young and have time to change. I don't know what you look like but most some ugly kids grow up to become extremely good looking, I really hope that happens to you.
      If it doesn't then accept yourself, come to terms with the harsh reality. Practice transendental meditation, do anything but take your life. Talk to me anytime you want bro, know that your struggle is shared.

    • You know mate, Would you believe me, If i told you that you, A complete stranger, I have shared but 4 messages with, Is already an individual i feel closer to then anyone else in the entirety of my life?

      How fucking pathetic is that of me to say. Shows my worthlessness dont you think?, I see all these people, With friends and stuff, Getting upset because their 50th relationship didn't work out and shit, And here's me, Finally content with talking morbid conversations with strangers, And that to me is my best standard of social life... Fucking hell...

      Thank you buddy, For the chat, It meant so fucking much to me, Thank you, But, I think I've known where and when this road would come to an end for a while now, And im nearing the end of it mate.

      I think thats me for the night on here. Seriously though mate, Although i never met you, And never will, Just want to let you know your closest friend I've ever had. Thank you so fucking much. I hope shit works out for you so fucking much man