Why am I so amazing?

I manage to domesticate everyone onto my immortal strings, and these fools do not even realize it! Do any of you manage to pull this off? I tell you, it sure is fun playing with humans as puppets.


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  • Please invest in a dictionary.

    • Explain to me what I did wrong.

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  • If you have to ask this question ("immortal strings" - just no), you're an amateur. Or a troll. Or both. Then again you're also 19, according to your profile, so unless you're like one of my jet-setting friends whose parents work in places like the Department of the Treasury... not buying the "amazing" part.

    Your profile should say "too chummy," not "to chummy." And I did not need the dictionary.

    I'm going with troll/joke account because you have what appears to be an anime villain as your pic.

    • (I should rephrase - my friends and their families who work in places like that.)

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    • You have not proven that your time is more important than mine, so I could refuse. However, speaking of importance, I have someplace important to be. Thanks for an entertaining time. Ciao.

      By the way, GAG is not the place to be an aspiring world leader. But I would hope you already knew that.

    • I do not want to be a world leader.

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