If your crush thought you're the hottest guy/girl in class would that give you more confidence?

I know it would boost my confidence a lot and I wouldn't be as shy and I'd probably talk to him more.

Either answer how how much it would b

  • It would boost my confidence a lot and/or I'd ask her out
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  • It would boost my confidence and/or I'd flirt with her more
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  • It would boost my confidence a little and/or I'd talk to her more
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  • It would decrease my confidence and/or I'd avoid her
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Sorry I meant to use both "her and "him" not just "her"


Most Helpful Guy

  • Okay, first of all the scenario that you have mentioned above is not going to happen in my life and I am fine with it. However to answer your question, I'll assume hypothetically that it happens.

    So hypothetically ( imaginary situation) speaking if my crush think like that, it won't really have any effect on me, it wouldn't affect the level of my confidence in any way, I wouldn't care what my crush thinks about me, or feels about me, I would just be the same person always.

    Please note this was an assumption (hypothetical) just to answer your question.

    • Another point, I don't need my crush ( hypothetical/imaginary) to think that I am the hottest guy, that's not going to be a confidence booster for me, I don't need such confidence boosters, I am confident about myself as it is and there are so many other ways to boost my confidence.

      Hope you understood

Most Helpful Girl

  • My confidence would not boost at all. I've had guys crush on me who thought I was super hot, hotter than all the other girls around me and all it did was make me uncomfortable and insecure because I couldn't wrap my brain around the fact that they thought I was hot in the first place and it made me upset because I felt like they were lying or something. I have two guys right now flirting with me who think I'm hot and I'm just like, please stop, cause it makes me nervous.

    One guy I'm friends with, I had a crush on and he had a crush on me, but neither of us said anything because one of my closest friends liked him and I liked someone else too, but I would have gone for the other guy if it weren't for me being afraid to hurt my friends feelings. Thing is, he went out with her, but he was/is majorly attracted to me more and thinks I'm super hot and I'm over here like, dafuq you thinking? Lol. We are both still into each other a little, but not dating. No matter how many times a guy tells me I'm hot, I'm inclined not to believe them.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would have to take a look around my class, and I mean a good look first. Also it would not boost my self-esteem unless I had all the more social and "popular" people in my class.

    • Why wouldn't it boost your self esteem unless you had all the popular guys in your class?

    • Not trying to offend anyone , but unless you already have a low self esteem than people who you probably think you look better than ( average people) isn't going to do much.
      Wait. Nevermind, Im running the scenario in my head. I take it back that would raise my self esteem, but not to the point where I am completely confident in my appearance.

  • It wouldn't affect me tbh since I'm confident in myself and I don't have low self esteem, but I do get curious to how people perceive me as


What Girls Said 1

  • Considering I'm the only girl in some of my classes. No, this wouldn't really mean much. Kind of like, 'oh, your the only girl left in the world, I guess your hot.'

    If it wasn't limited to that class, but maybe if he said, you're the cutest girl I've seen today, I would feel pretty good.