Sent a heavy text to her for her birthday... I don't know if it was too much... lol can I save my self?

So to give background, I've sent her heavier messages in the past... like you're my first thought I have when I wake up heavy messages... and she still cuddles with me and hangs out with me at the parties and stuff and we talk a lot. Soooo that didn't scare her away...

Anyway... she's not looking to date anyone right now, but she did express she is interested in me just she can't have a relationship atm. as she's trying to figure herself out after some bad life events... and honestly I respect that... but I sent her the message cuz, I don't know I wanted to compliment something other then how damned pretty she is... lol I don't know its how I felt but I guess anxiety is kicking in... Should I say I was drunk? lol

Anyway for her birthday (at 12 oclock) I just sent her a message that said and this is shortened... Happy Bday to the most creative, free spirited person I know, and the kindest, even if you keep telling me you're awful, i've seen how much you love (her pet's name) and how he loves you, and anybody who loves something that much can't possibly be terrible. I hope you have an amazing day :)


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  • Well, you can try texting her another message telling her that you have misread people before and she could possibly still be terrible.

    • Lol... I mean I guesd I definitely can do that... But it probably wouldn't be brilliant lol.

    • Levity can sometimes lighten up a situation. Personally, I would find that pretty funny if someone did that but it really depends on the person receiving it.

    • Lol honestly shed probably think its hillarious knowing Her.

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