How do I get happier?

I don't think I've ever been happy in my whole life.

How do I do it?


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  • Think back to the happiest moment in your life and try to recreate that moment but with improvements.


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  • Do stuff which YOU love to do! Indulge in a hobby, learn to play an instrument or something. And if you don't have one already, focus on building a great career for yourself! Just pursue your interests, whatever hey might be. Nothing would make you happier! :)

    • Only business makes me happy, but it gets boring.

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    • I don't think I was meant to be happy

    • Nope pal! Everyone CAN and SHOULD be happy. You just need to seek out that which gives you happiness. That's all there is to it!

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  • Do whatever you and disregard social rules, meet YOUR goals, fuck more, smoke more, sleep more, eat more? Point is go after what makes ya happy, the work you put into it/the journey there itself feels good.

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